All new One Hour Photo Blog

Welcome to the new blog for The One Hour Photo Show. If you do not know by now, One Hour Photo is a live internet radio show that airs every Wednesday on ArmadaFM. The show is about everything photography and our industry. We are in our second month and have had the pleasure of having some industry professionals such as FStoppers, Melissa Rodwell, photo rep Heather Elder, photography consultants Amanda Sosa Stone and Suzanne Sease as well as Matt Baily with Livebooks just to name a few. Every week we bring you guest with an exciting view on the industry as well as great information to educate and let our listeners in on what the industry has to offer from their expertise and experience.

As the show continues to gain momentum as well as a following we will bring on some of the biggest names in the industry every week. So make sure you tune in every Wednesday at 1pm on ArmadaFM for One Hour Photo as well as subscribe to the Podcast to listen to previous episodes of the broadcast with our esteemed lineup of guest.

Until then..Keep your finger on the shutter and your subject in focus.

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