Dee Flores Joins One Hour Photo 6-1-2011

Very excited to welcome photographer Dee Flores of Deelite Photography to One Hour Photo this Wednesday. Dee is a figure in the Atlanta fashion and commercial scene. I have had the pleasure of attending the Deelite Fashion Mixer as well as being a featured photographer. These mixers bring together some of the most respected creatives in the city, and gives those who are searching for talent to network and mingle with Atlanta’s elite. Dee will be talking about marketing as well as other things on the show, so make sure you tune in to One Hour Photo at 1pm Wednesday on ArmadaFM.

A little about our esteemed guest.

D. Flores was born in New York and raised in Miami Florida.  As a child he often impressed many of his teachers with his spectacular talent.   Nicknamed “the artist” by his teachers at a young age,  they often kept his drawings and had him autograph because they knew one day he would be famous.   In his teens he picked up the camera as a hobby and often carried it around and quickly  developed a passion for photography.

D. Flores has been in the visual arts field since the early 90’s after attending the Art Institute of Atlanta.  He has worked in various companies as a graphic designer and marketing consultant . As a freelance photographer, D. Flores has  taken his hobby of photography to a professional level.  Producing powerful images that have quickly become the favorite of many nationally and internationally.  Published in multiple magazines and later hired by companies to get the right image for them.  His commitment to amazing visuals has kept him in the forefront of fashion photography as well as photography for musicians, personalities and product photography.

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