Mark Wallace on One Hour Photo show June 15th, 2011

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Mark Wallace of Phoenix, AZ on June 15th and I wanted to share a little information with you as well as his podcast incase you missed the show.

Like several of our guests, its hard to summarize this fantastic photographer and business owner into a short enough description that could help you understand how amazingly talented he is, and not to mention…BUSY! For starters, Mark and his lovely wife Diane, created a company called Snapfactory ( which is a full service digital photography studio that specializes in photographing people. They can provide commercial, lifestyle, editorial and fine art photography for you with everything from hair, MUA and professional guidance too. Like Mark himself, they also provide many workshops for the beginner to advanced photographer.

Mark also has a personal company (and Diane does as well! and you can find this at He specializes in commercial fashion photography but you will find in his portfolio a vast array of incredible work. Among writing a popular blog, running a successful business, working with top clients that include Ford Models, Allstate, Pocket Wizard and even the U.S. Army to name a few, he also has a large amount of short videos that educate you in beginning and advanced photography. These videos, which can be found on and other internet locations, have become a great resource for thousands of people in the industry. My personal favorite that he posted recently is which explains the differences between Lightroom and Photoshop. This is a widely popular question among many of us that prefer one post production program over the other and rarely familiarize ourselves with both. They actually compliment each other well, and you will see why when you check out this video.

Here is the podcast from our recent show with Mark. We would love to know your feedback and any further questions you may have for Mark as well!

Thanks again for listening and looking forward to giving you another great show next Wednesday!

~ Jillian Hayes

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