Photo Editor Amy Feitleberg of Outside Magazine Joins One Hour Photo

We had the pleasure of having photo editor for Outside Magazine Amy Feitleberg join us today on One Hour Photo. Amy has been with Outside Magazine for 6 years and has everything to do with the magazines images from the cover to the back page. She went to school in NY and has worked as a photographer and has had many other hats in the industry before becoming photo editor with Outside Magazine. She now resides in Santa Fe and is very passionate about what she does. It was a pleasure having her and talking with her about what photo editors look for from photographers. She gave or listeners great insight into the business and what it takes to get our work in front of the right people.

About Outside Magazine

Outside magazine, America’s leading active-lifestyle and adventure-travel magazine dedicated to covering the people, activities, gear, art, and politics of the world outside.

Outside has always been driven by the search for innovative ways to connect people to the world outdoors. With the Internet, there’s a whole new layer of depth added to that quest, which makes Outside Online a truly exciting place to be right now.

Outside Online slips the bonds of print, so we can offer you a wealth of information in a variety of forms that you can’t get anywhere but online. We have all the space, all the media, none of the lag time, and all the dimensions to bring you everything from mountaintop audio clips to up-to-the-minute snow reports to an events calendar to lists of manufacturer contacts to expert answers to your questions.

Back in 1978, a letter in Outside‘s first issue stated that the magazine was “dedicated to covering the people, sports and activities, politics, art, literature, and hardware of the outdoors,” an editorial goal that has stuck ever since. Armed with great writing that’s always based on critical thinking and a sharp sense of humor, the magazine has done an amazing job of bringing people in contact with the world Outside. Outside Online takes all of that richness and slaps on the capabilities of the Internet, making the contact that much more dynamic and textured.

Much of that texture comes from you, thanks to the dimension interactivity adds to a reader’s relationship with the written word. You determine what our gear and travel experts write about by submitting the questions they answer. In our new bulletin board areas, you’ll have the chance to create a vibrant Outside community. You’ll join us as active members of the editorial team, creating the site’s content by contributing your thoughts, arguments, comments, and wish lists in these community areas.

To do a better job of presenting our content and integrating yours, we’ve redesigned the site’s look and structure, and we think you’ll find Outside Online easier and more fun to use in its new form. That form is constantly evolving, so let us know what you’d like to see. We not only welcome your feedback, we rely on it.

We hope you share our excitement about Outside Online and its endless possibilities. Please return often to participate and watch us continue to grow.



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