LIGHTROOM 4 BETA is now available for FREE!

Lightroom 4 Beta is here…and it’s free! (for now)

if you know photography then it’s most likely you have some relation with Lightroom as well. This is a software program that is a virtual darkroom for digital photos. Its a great stand alone editing software for basic edits and batch processing or its a wonderful compliment to more detailed software programs like Photoshop or Aperture.

I personally love when lightroom upgrades because they do it the right way. They give the consumer free rights to use the product as the bugs are worked out. This can take a few months to even a year, all while you use this great software for no charge! If you happen to be in Seattle tomorrow, go check out the free seminar about the beta version. Click here for more details Lightroom Seminar

If you are like me, getting to seattle is not possible tomorrow, so I plan to check out the tutorials online. You can find plenty on the Adobe website or search it on YouTube. Any feedback you have, please let us know

To read more about the beta version and the new additions that are  added to the upgrade, check out this article…. LR4 Beta Version Info

Have fun with your post processing and listen to the show this Wednesday from 1-2 pm on ARMADAFM radio!


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