Romantic photo ideas for Valentine’s day!

It’s the time of year again when red, pink and browns are all over the stores. Flowers, chocolates and sweet greeting cards are also popular items in the patrons shopping carts. Do you have a special someone in your life? Then you know exactly what I am talking about! Hold on tight, because here comes Valentine’s day!

If you’re like me, then you may be a little perplexed on what to give this year that will be different and new compared to the years before. I know, not many people are like me, but that’s okay because this post will still help you out this holiday! If you love photography, then photo gifts are the perfect inexpensive gift to give and get! This holds true not only for the love of your life but also putting a smile on your child’s face as well as your parents. For the sake of this post, we will focus on your sweetheart, but feel free to customize these suggestions however you would like.

Now, these are great gifts and you get double points if you are a man and choose this option. I also think paring them with flowers and small box of chocolates would be ideal, and you get away from having to spend alot on Jewelry!

I know, I know…and you are welcome!

Say CHeeeeeeese!

Personally my favorite idea for a photo gift is printing a very recent photo of the two of you together, and framing it. Sounds too easy, doesn’t it? However now with the digital world around us, we often forget the impact that a printed photo gives. If you have been involved for awhile, then printing one from the beginning of your relationship would be fun as well. You can look back together on how far you have come. The most memorable of these is combining them both and doing a “Then & now” gift. Framing them both together or in matching frames that can be displayed side by side.

To be or not to be? Well no, not exactly.

Are you as good with your hand as you are with your eye? Maybe you are a quote reader on the Internet? Then making a photo card is ideal for you! This can be a photo of the two of you or it can be of a vacation, flowers or really anything you may want to theme the card as. The neat thing here is that you can add as many pictures to the card as the space will allow. Alot of software online has the ability to help with this, or check with your printer. Again, please read the statement above and pair these with flowers and a small box of chocolate to insure you cover all the obstacles of this “Hallmark” holiday and still get away without spending a fortune. Giving this thoughtful gift will certainly get you out smelling like a rose…that is, if your sweetie prefers a rose.

Every time I think of you, I think of you!

Have you checked out the custom calendars you can print? These are a great idea! Even though they may appear to be an art project that could take you more time then you are willing to spend, think again, you can complete one of these babies in less then thirty minutes depending on your idea! Alot of online printers have the software that easily lets you drop the picture in and add a custom quote to each month. You could get really creative and add unique saying you use together and nicknames you have for eachother. The ideas are endless and the time involved is truly minimal!

Coffee or Tea?

I always have wondered why they can make a coffee table book, but they never make one for Tea? I am fully aware that we do not have “Tea Tables” but that is entirely besides the point! Okay…I am loosing track here. If you are a photographer, amateur to advanced, then a photo book may be the perfect gift to give. This gift also can be given with or without the flowers and still make quite the impact. Again, the subject of this book is also up to you. It can be pictures of the two of you from the beginning of your relationship all the way up until now. Maybe a special photography project you have done, and even better, a project you worked on together. You could even put together a book of a vacation you took together. Make sure to dedicate the book to your special someone and even leave a sweet handwritten note inside to top it off!

There, I saved you! You owe me lunch. Now that you did not have to go out and spend a grand on a great piece of jewelry for this fashionable holiday, I bet you can afford it too! Let me know when…

A great place to print your gifts or get additional ideas is Make sure to send us an email with your final idea, we will be sure to add it to our blog next year too!


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