One Hour Photo with Melissa Rodwell and guest co-host Shane Durrance!

Listen to the One Hour Photo Show with Melissa Rodwell & guest co-host Shane Durrance podcast by clicking here! Melissa Rodwell Show

About Melissa Rodwell…

A Los Angeles native, Melissa Rodwell studied photography at the Art Center College of Design, Graduating in 1987. Then she embarked on a globe-spanning career in Fashion and Entertainment Photography, leading to exposure in advertising campaigns and major publications. She has photographed ad campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Coca Cola, Honda, NBC Television and Dell Computers. Her editorial assignments have led her being published in Harper’s Bazaar, Jimon Magazine, KURV, Flaunt, Genlux, Playboy, Femina, 944 and Mademoiselle to name a few. Within the music industry Melissa has photographed bands for Virgin records, Warner Brothers and Universal simultaneously. Melissa has pursued her abiding passion: Purely artistic that lace sardonic social commentary beneath the layers of entrancing imagery. Melissa Rodwell has had numerous solo exhibitions in Sydney, Australia, Los Angeles and Miami. She is currently working on a project that is very close to her heart.

In 2008, Melissa started the fashion photography blog. In a short time, her blog acquired a large following of subscribers and readers. Melissa shares her knowledge of fashion photography and gives her readers an inside look at the coveted world of fashion photography. You can reach her blog by going here. Melissa Rodwell BLOG

Melissa lives in New York City and has a photo studio in Williamsburg.

View Melissa’s work by clicking here!

Melissa Rodwell Website

Also to see Shane Durrance’s photography work click here!

Shane Durrance Website


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