One Hour Photo Show with Rob Loughran

We had the pleasure of having local photographer Rob Loughran join us on the show this past season. Here is the podcast link to hear the great show!

Listen to the Podcast here!

About Rob…

“there’s nothing like humor with some good looks attached to it.” – Arthur Elgort~

My Belief is to have Fun in the face of beauty, demanding the best faces and the best results in the heat of having a damned good time getting there. I am a published photographer of 15+ years. My photographic roots stem from the shooting of various celebrities for the Civic Light Opera & Theatre in Pittsburgh to today where I reach the best faces for catalog clients and private portfolios alike. My main focus is model photography, and the pursuit of creating images that stand far and above the rest of anyone you worked with before, or in the future. I consider TFP on a limited basis and will only consider the best faces – so don’t be afraid to ask. However, if you reach out to me wanting to shoot and get paid, I very well may quote you my rates before you quote yours. 😉 Yes, I do have extensive contacts with makeup and hair stylists to suit your needs. In addition, I am an instructor and organizer of photographic workshops of those who wish to take their work to the next level. So, I encourage you to pursue my work and view the beauty and the smiles. How we get there is half the fun and the results should always be spectacular.

To see Rob’s work or to contact him visit his website.



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