It’s here the new Canon EOS C300

Was very excited to talk to Showcase Video Kenny Crysler on the show about the revolutionary video camera Canon introduced on the 26th. Kenny talked about the great features and what it will do to the industry. I feel it it going to be a game changer, and a new renaissance in film making is upon us. Jillian and I also go to go over to Showcase the day it was released and play with it and let me tell you I could not stop drooling over this thing. I talked to Mark the Canon rep here in Atlanta, and he shared a lot of insight of what this camera can do as well show us some of the great films that were made like Vincent LaForet’s Mobius. The great thing I love about this camera is that you are able to use all EF lenses with it. So if you are a video enthusiast head on over to Showcase and chat with Kenny and his team and let them demo this camera for you so you can see up close of how amazing it really is.

About Showcase

Showcase Photo & Video has been serving professional and amateur photographers and videographers in the Atlanta area for over 30 years. From our trained photography and video experts to our state-of-the-art lab, we are able to offer the latest in digital photography and video equipment and professional services. With a broad base of knowledge to handle everything from home videos to live web broadcasting, our professional video department has the solution to all of your multimedia needs. In addition to our retail store, The Showcase School offers adult education classes such as Digital 101, Portrait Photography, Adobe Photoshop classes and more!

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Canon EOS C300

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