Our 1 Year Anniversary Show!!!

February 8th will be our 1 year anniversary of One Hour Photo and Jillian and I are sooooo excited! It has been a great year with so many great guest that have joined us since we aired LIVE on ArmadaFM back in February of last year. Guest like F Stoppers, Melissa Rodwell, Hillary Jackson, Mark Wallace, Joe Mcnally, Lara Jade, Kristina Snyder, Julie Graham, Stella Kramer,  Leslie Burns, and a list of others. We appreciate all of the great content and fun we have shared with our listening audience. We are so grateful to have had such great guest, and looking forward to another year with more great guest as well as content for you guys. We also want to thank our sponsors Livbooks and Adorama Pix. So who you ask will be on the show for our anniversary show? Well none better than the dynamic trio of Amanda Sosa Stone, Suzanne Sease and Kat Dalegar. These three amazing people have joined us before and let me tell you, not only are they amazing people in waht they bring to the industry, but they are also a lot of fun to talk to. Here is a little bit about the three great guest we will be having on our February 8th show next week.

Amanda Sosa Stone is sought after from clients all around the world: Germany, Moscow, England, Mexico, Spain and her homeland, the United States. She has been praised for working on talents like Jim Krantz, the 2010 International Photographer of Year, Nick Onken and National Geographic Assignment Division (with co- consultant Suzanne Sease). She works with clients from all genres, Commercial to Consumer. Style and genre does not hinder the consultant. She strives to make each client the best in their market. Amanda has made a name in the industry by always giving back to the community, through her popular blog postings on aPhotoEditor: Ask Anything (with Suzanne Sease) and through her upbeat personality. Having been in the industry for over a decade, Amanda has been blessed to see the changes in our industry.

Amanda uses a nuts and bolts approach to her marketing. She keeps her clients approach simple and active. She helps all clients uncover their true vision and brand and finds a way to market it to the right target. With her editing being her true passion and love, she has also worked hard to develop many marketing approaches that are proven effective. Nothing feeds Amanda’s creative soul more seeing results and seeing her clients reach their goals.
Amanda has had the experience to step into the shoes of many of her clients from her days of schooling to her current consulting career: Photographer’s Agent to 28 photographers, Art Producer and Stock Art Buyer, Freelance Photo Editor for both publishing and editorial, Assistant to Elyse Weissberg Assistant to the director of Society for Photographic Education and Studio Manager.

Amanda strives to find resolutions for the influx our current industry is experiencing, a practice that makes her one of the most sought after consultants in our industry today.

Amanda Sosa Stone has a degree in photography from the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies. With the understanding that she did not want to become a photographer she moved to New York City, after graduation, to pursue a career in the industry.

Amanda studied under Elyse Weissberg, an industry icon, who was a photographer’s representative and creative consultant. With the knowledge that she gleaned from working with Elyse, Amanda went to work in the advertising industry as an art buyer.

Amanda worked for Foote, Cone & Belding (currently known as Draft FCB) in New York City. In 2002, she moved to Orlando to be closer to her family and to enjoy the weather and overall atmosphere of the area. She was able to continue working for FCB-NY from her home in Florida. This allowed her some extra time to do the things that she loves, including consultant work. In January 2005, Amanda left FCB to pursue a freelance-consulting career. Amanda currently travels frequently giving seminars and consulting with photographers nationwide. She continues to strive to raise the bar in our industry.

Additionally, Amanda worked as the contributing photo editor, on a book by Elyse Weissberg, which was released in Feb 2004. In 2009, Amanda co-Authored the book“The Photographer’s Survival Guide” with Suzanne Sease. Also available now in an eBook version!

Joining forces with Agency Access in May of 2010, Amanda is their in-house marketing and industry consultant as well as continuing to work with her own clients. She works with artists from around the world and across all backgrounds and genres and is loving every minute of it!

About Suzanne

You may be one of the world’s most accomplished photographers or illustrators. You may be a talent the world has yet to discover. Or perhaps you fall somewhere in between.

In any case, Suzanne Sease Productions can help you succeed.

Suzanne Sease has decades of experience in this field, including 11 years as senior art buyer at The Martin Agency, where she matched the world’s finest photographers and illustrators with International projects for clients such as Saab, Seiko, Wrangler, Bank One, Mercedes-Benz, Coke, and many others. Later she worked at Kaplan-Thaler on Clairol Herbal-Essence, Moissanite Jewels, AFLAC and smaller agencies.  On the corporate side, she has worked with Capital One and Best Buy.

Having evaluated thousands of websites and portfolios, Suzanne knows it takes more than talent for a photographer or illustrator to be selected for a project. It takes an efficiently assembled and presented website and portfolio.  It takes marketing that thinks beyond the obvious.  The industry is changing faster than ever.   You have to present yourself better than your competition.  Suzanne is here to help!

Suzanne knows how to sell your skills to an ad agency, graphic designers, publications and in house corporate.  She’s been there. She can help you get hired.

Kat Dalegar

Kat Dalager, an experienced art buyer with 35 years experience. Currently at Campbell Mithun, Kat works on accounts like Burger King, H&R Block and General Mills. Get the benefits of Kat’s experience and enthusiasm for photography along with her perspective on artist marketing. Campbell Mithun is an advertising and marketing firm, founded in 1933 by Ralph Campbell and Ray Mithun. It is now part of Interpublic Group of Communication Companies. The core business is consumer advertising through radio, TV, print, digital, mobile and out-of-home.

We are so excited to have them join us and make sure you tune in to this LIVE show Wednesday February 8th at 1pm eastern time on ArmadaFm.com

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