New Photo Contest…Urban Decay!

Since we had such a huge response to our year end photo contest Jillian and I decided to do it again. The theme for this contest will be Urban Decay. So if you like taking photographs of areas that have been affected by impoverished surroundings and like to capture the true essence of abandon buildings and broken fences, then this contest is for you. The contest will go through the month of march and we will be choosing the top 3 images. You don’t have to be a professional just someone who loves to take pictures and finds art in everything. We want you to step outside the box and get creative and show Jillian and I what you see through the lens of your camera. Some of the prizes will be a free website from LiveBooks, free estimating software from Blink Bid and a special gift from AdoramaPix. Now go get those cameras, camera phones, point and shoots or whatever device you take pictures with and get to it. We can’t wait to see all the wonderful art that comes in through the month of March. We will also be talking about the contest on the show every week and sharing all the entries on the blog as well. Send all entries to

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