I’m In A New York State Of Mind.

Ahh the sweet sound of Billy Joel singing that song and as I walk the streets of this intoxicating city inspiration has been pumped into my lungs. Since the first day we arrived in NYC it was sure bliss for me. I had visited this city for the first time last year and left with a great visual excitement which was the springboard that inspired my first gallery. This time my level of excitement was even greater as I knew that the weather would be nicer and our stay was longer. Our first day we were invited to a gallery by an amazing photographer that I met on Twitter Jason Florio. His gallery was inspiring and his hospitality was very warming. It so happened that as we strolled the streets of Manhattan the next day we ran into him and his wife. As big as this island is what was the chance of that happening. One of my challenges while here in NYC was to shoot film for the very first time, and thanks to my good friend Darwin Young he lent me his film camera and off I went to buy several rolls of color and B&W film. I shot four rolls the first day and very anxious to see the results when I get back to Atlanta. The challenge for me is to alternate days from film to digital. As I have found out with shooting film, it really makes you think about the shot before you click the shutter. Being a digital shooter, first off I kept looking at the back of the camera to see an image, so I had to break myself from that habit. I hope that I was able to get some good stuff out of those first few rolls I shot, but I guess we will see. Walking the streets of this city does something to me as a creative. It energizes me in some crazy way. The people, the buildings, the smell, the sounds is just something that I take in and as I put the camera up to my face it seems like the frame of the subject is right there for you to snap the picture. This week is going to be beautiful as far as the weather and still there is so much more for me to see. As I shoot another few rolls of film tomorrow, I feel that I am going to come up with something special and may be some more works to start working toward another gallery showing when I return to Atlanta. Well I know you are wandering what I have shot so far so here is one image that I thought was a great capture. Not sure why, but there is something about it that attracts my attention, and hopefully yours as well.

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