Shooting Nightlife and Event Photography.

Nightlife can be a lot of fun to shoot but make sure to always check with the owner or manager first to get permission. Even a hand written release is great to have to protect you both. Not to mention, if a paid photographer is on site, please give them the same respect and show your release as well as ask any advice or recommendations for shooting in that environment. You will go a lot further in this biz if you respect one another and many times it will be a mutual respect just by simple communication. However, every once in a while you may get a “no”, please understand there are good reasons behind this answer and don’t push the issue. ESPECIALLY if it’s from the photographer hired (it’s unlikely but it can happen) keep in mind, he worked hard for this job and it’s his right to shoot it as he is required and he envisions for the marketing he is required to promote. Either way, don’t look at this like a control issue, approach it as networking, new friendships and a great learning opportunity. If you do well, you may even be invited back by the photographer that is the primary one who shoots that club or event-internship in this environment if you enjoy it, can be loads of fun!. Please do not step on toes though, it’s not worth it in this business and there are too many opportunities out there to have to upset a fellow colleague. OH and one more thing, two of the best pieces of advice I have been given by two awesome photographers. One that shoots commercial and the other that shoots nightlife primarily, is this…have always been reminded by Jonathan Orozco with“When shooting flash photography, NEVER forget backup batteries for your camera and most especially…YOUR FLASH!”From Chuck with fan page chuckyfoto : Be a friendly face and get to know people besides just shooting a picture. Also make sure they know where to find their photo in the future. Be respectful of others tastes and opinion as much as you can. Don’t post distasteful pictures of others in this environment, and always be communicative and reachable!

A lot of this advice holds true in many shooting environments too.

To see Chucky’s work, make sure to check his fan page by searching ChuckyFoto

To check out Jonathan’s work, search his biz name on face book or in our suggested links to see his fan page or click his website link below.

Thanks guys for always being such a great knowledge resource for me! You both are two different types of photographers in many ways, but you certainly know your genre!

Happy Shooting everyone!

Haute Couture Media, LLC – Atlanta, GA USA

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