Photo Contest Entries…who will be the winner?

We will be announcing the winner this Wednesday on the Facebook Fanpage “One Hour Photo Show” , so be sure to like the page to find out who won! We run several contests a year as well, so stay in touch! This contest was extra tough because the theme is very unique compared to other photo contests. I am so pleased with the amount of entries and the quality of work! I honestly feel bad for the judges, because it will be tough to judge this one for sure!

Any questions? Send us an email at

Here are the entries for March’s contest: Theme “Urban Decay” 2012

Photographer: Tony Scarpero

Photographer: Brad Carrington

Photographer: Heather Swan

Photographer: Jeffrey Guyer

Photographer: Jonathan Orozco

Photographer: Darwin Young

Photographer: Stephen Carter

Photographer: Todd Sams

Photographer: Amy Allison

Photographer:: Tony Scarpero

Photographer:: Brad Carrington

Photographer: Darwin Young

Photographer: Jonathan Orozco

Photographer: Jeffery Guyer

Photographer: Jonathan Orozco

Photographer: Brad Carrington

Photographer: Darwin Young

Photographer: Tony Scarpero

Photographer: Jonathan Orozco

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Stay tuned for Wednesday too, 3 top winners will be chosen. Please keep in mind, this contest ended on March 31, 2012. Many more contests coming soon!


3 thoughts on “Photo Contest Entries…who will be the winner?

  1. He is an amazing photographer and awesome friend. I agree with you as well, one of his is in my top 5…I will decide tonight my top 3. its not up to me, but I love to try and guess!

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