April Showers Brings…May Landscapes!

So here we are again a new month and a new photo contest. Jillian and I have had a lot of request to do a landscape photography contest so that’s what we are going to do. I know there are a lot of photographer out there who have taken some amazing landscape shots and we would like to see them and share with the world. Oh yeah, did I mention there will be prizes for the top 2 images? Well there will be!

So you ask what do I need to do to enter this contest? Well

1) Find your best landscape photo or take one

2) Submit in Jpeg format to onehourphoto@armadafm.com

3) Tell us about the image.

That’s all! So if you are a novice, beginner or pro, get your cameras or whatever device you shoot with and get those images and send to onehourphoto@armadafm.com

Oh yeah what prize will you win? Hmmmm…Let’s see. How about



We will be updating through the month with different submissions, so send those images in and GOOD LUCK!

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