A Great Sit Down At The Community Table

I would just like to start off by saying that today’s show was amazing! Heather Elder, Kate Chase, Lisa Matthews and Jigisha Bouverat are four amazing and important figures in our industry. We were luck and excited to have them join us today. We opened up the discussion by asking the ladies.

  • History of Community Table and how it came about
  • The background
  • How it educates photographers
  • How it helps photographers grow

They guided us and the listeners on a great conversation on how and what it has to offer to photographers as well as some questions they would like to hear from photographers and how you can benefit from the knowledge they all possess.

As far as the involvement with Lisa and Jigisha on the Art Buyers side and staying with the dynamic of the conversation

  • Why Community Table
  • What you enjoyed about it
  • What you got out of it
  • What would you like to see moving forward

We were happy to hear the point of view from Art Buyers Jigisha and Lisa and what they see the Community Table is doing and how and what they enjoy about it.

If you are a photographer and serious about your career and would like to ask questions for their upcoming NYC event in June send your questions to questions@communitytable.info.

You can also follow the blog at www.briteproductions.net as well as check out Heather Elder at www.heatherelder.com

For Lisa and Jigisha check out their websites



We thank these ladies for joining us today and hope to have an event like this in Atlanta. We will definately follow up with them after the Community Table event in June and maybe we can get them back on 🙂

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