Photo Contest for end of Summer 2012!

You guessed it, the theme is summer photos. Please submit your favorite summer photo you took this past summer. No entry fee is needed but we can only allow one photo per photographer. If you submit several and ask us to choose, we will pick the first one attached. Please submit your photo to or if you have trouble with size, please send to Some strong competition so far and its early! I look forward to watching this contest grow! You can hear all the details by listening to the show every Wednesday at 1 pm est on and keeping up with us on our fan page at

Photographer Anna Bowls

Photographer: Scott Crow

Photography: Erik Kerstenbeck

Photographer: Joshua Monk

Photographer: Michelle Hartman

Photographer: Syretta Tucker

Photographer: Kathleem Charpentier

Photographer: Ron Drake

Photographer: Sonomi Johnson

Photographer: Debi Henry

Photographer: Carolyn Vine

Photographer: Pamela Wade

Photographer: Michiyo Clark

Photographer: Aaron Smith

Photographer: Kelsie Aman













Photographer: Steve Dupras










Photographer:Lisa Beckett

Be sure to find us on Twitter too! You can follow Jillian (me!) @atlcanongirl and the show directly @onehourphoto and don’t forget to support our station and follow it at @armadafmonline


3 thoughts on “Photo Contest for end of Summer 2012!

  1. Was today the last day to submit an entry? Also, when will the winner be announced? I haven’t seen too much information about the contest…

    1. Hey Joshua yes today was the last day to submit so if you have an image you would like to submit send it to We will be announcing tomorrow on the show at 1pm. Sorry you have not seen any info we had it on a few different pages on Facebook as well as Twitter. Are you following our page? If not you can subscribe to get any further information about what we are up to. Thanks


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