Digital Hints…Surprising Things That Work!

It’s always fun to learn new ways to enhance your photography experience. Try these suggestions collected from the pros. You’ll be amazed at how a few simple items can be so helpful.

Hand Warmers – These handy items we often use inside our gloves in cold climates are great for protecting your camera lens from moisture. Wrap it around your lens, and use a strong rubber band to hold in place.

Vaseline – You can create a dreamy vintage look to your images with Vaseline. Or even your own artistic creations like the photograph I posted above. Caution; do not place it on your lens. Buy a cheap UV filter that fits your lens, and smear the Vaseline around the edges of the filter.

Folding Kitchen Ladder – It’s amazing what standing on a ladder will do for your images. Be sure it’s steady before you go to the top step. Shooting down creates a whole new perspective.

Ordinary Umbrella ­– It protects your camera from the rain. When using a tripod, simply hold the umbrella in one hand, and snap your images with the other. It works well and doesn’t block the light. It can also be used to protect your camera from heat. A white umbrella fabric reflects heat better than dark colors.

Zip Style Plastic Bag One – Before bringing your camera into warm conditions, after shooting in cold weather, place it in a large zip lock bag. When you introduce it to a warm car or house, the condensation will form on the outside of the plastic bag instead of on your camera lens. The plastic bag will also work when going from cool temperatures into hot and humid conditions.

Zip Style Plastic Bag Two – Fill 2/3 of a large zip lock bag with rice, small beans, or birdseed. When you need to shoot from a low spot, set the bag down and place your camera on top. The bag will easily mold around your camera, steadying it as well as a tripod. If you use the birdseed option, you can scatter it around at the end of the shoot. The birds and squirrels will enjoy it.

Zip Style Plastic Bag Three– Use a large bag to protect your camera from dirt and debris on windy days. Keep your camera in the bag when not shooting.

Styrofoam Ice Chest – Line the bottom of the ice chest with ice packs, and cover with a towel. Have plastic bags or plastic containers with covers for your camera and lenses. Before placing your camera in the ice chest, allow it to cool down in the shade for a few minutes.

Small Soft Paintbrush – A soft paintbrush can work wonders if you get sand, or dirt on your camera. Use the brush to safely remove sand and dirt from the camera.

A Flashlight- So many uses, it would be too long to list. Trust me on this hint and never leave home without one.

These handy tips can make your photo shoots a little easier, and the cost of any of the supplies is minimal. You may already have an item or two just waiting to be used.

Jillian Hayes (aka ATLCanongirl)

Twitter: @OneHourPhoto
Twitter: @ATLCanongirl

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