The Community Table goes to New York!

The Community Table is an event founded, organized and managed by four highly esteemed professionals in the creative industry. It began as a simple discussion over dinner between Heather Elder, Heather Elder Represents and Kate Chase, Brite Productions. The dinner discussion was concerning the development of a social event they planned to host with a connect ion to the LeBook’s Connections trade-show coming up in Los Angeles. At the end of this in depth discussion between the ladies, the beginning idea of Community Table had been formed. Heather Elder, Lauranne Lospalluto, Matt Ncyz and Kate Chase then combined knowledge together and fully formed what Community Table is today.

Heather Elder is a creative consultant and representative. She manages a handful of photographers and through her many relationships in the industry, she, in essence, links the photographer with the creative director or art buyer that is the right match for the particular project at hand. She also helps other photographers build their business by consulting on website revisions, portfolios revisions, marketing plans, estimating bids and much more. She has a wide array of knowledge when it comes to the higher tier photography community and through the years, has developed many great relationships in her field of work.

Lauranne Lospalluto is partners with Heather and they both manage the business Heather Elder Represents.They have built and continue to grow a very resourceful blog located at the company’s website. Heather and Lauranne both live and work in the greater San Francisco area.

Matt Ncyz and Kate Chase both manage their artists/rep company Brite Productions. Their company is very similar to Heather & Laurranne’s, so the collaborative knowledge and resources make for a very large pool of current knowledge and strong relationships among the creative communities all over the world. Their slogan is “the Agent for Artists”, and the main artists/creatives they cater to are also the high-tier, established, professional photographer. They have a collective 26 years experience together, and a large network of relationships, as Heather and Laurranne also have, in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and abroad.

These four professionals are the foundation of The Community Table. They are very skilled at matching up the right professionals with their events focus and subject so that the questions presented will be discussed and answered in a very interesting, reflective, knowledgeable and highly experienced way. The reader will not just learn from the blog discussion through it’s question/answer format it delivers, but they also will enjoy the content delivery method. This delivery method is easy to understand and will help them retain the knowledge and also look forward to reading more. Its current answers for today’s leading questions and issues that we have in the creative community, and they are able to give us not only the right answers, but also the answers that are understood by all.

So far, the Community Table has delivered two successful events and four blog posts that capture all the information for the reader. The first was located in Los Angeles and the second session was in NYC. They ask the readers of their blog to submit questions they have as well, and if the question is relevant for the subject, they will try their best to include it in the event. A majority of the questions at the last event in NYC were based around marketing. They covered how it’s changed over the years, ideas and opinions on email marketing, website discussions, and their thoughts on marketing events, promos and the best way to build a marketing list. They had fourteen professionals on their panel. To name a few, there was Lisa Oropallo from Digitas, Andrea Kaye from McCann, Hillary Jackson from Saatchi and Saatchi, Helen O’neil from Y&R and Trish McKeon from The CDM group. If you go to the blog about the Community Table and click the NYC event, you can find out the other professionals that attended and all the questions and answers that were discussed.

Community Table was influenced largely during its creation by Lebooks Connections as this was what started the discussion between Heather and Kate over dinner. LeBook’s Connections is an industry trade show that brings together the worlds top reps, producers and creatives from the worlds leading agencies for a day of sharing and connecting. The Community Table is doing the same thing but in a more diverse delivery method. It allows even the amateur creative, just starting out, to also learn from the knowledge that is passed along. Also, Lebook’s Connections is held once a year and because Community Table is able to travel to both coasts, and they hold a smaller panel with less overhead, they can bring these sessions to the industry much more often through out the year. The entire concept of the Community Table is that there is “nothing more powerful in our industry than education”. The idea is to inspire the professionals on the panel into an in depth conversation about real time issues. The entire discussion later posted in the blog for all to read, not just domestically either, this reaches a global audience as well.

Make sure to check out all the information by the Community Table and be sure to read up on the latest session in NYC.Keep in mind that two more blog posts about the NYC event will be coming next week. Its a good idea to follow this blog and there are a few options to do so, you can sign up to have it emailed, follow it directly from wordpress or follow their rss feed. You can also put it in your reading list, bookmarks or favorites of your browser and remember to check back ofter. Maybe you might have a question you would like to submit for the next Community Table so make sure to look up the information on how and who to contact. Don’t miss out on this wealth of knowledge tailored to answer the current issues in today’s creative industry. This blog is certainly one that should not be missed if you work in the creative field at any level of experience.

Contact information (click links below):

Heather Elder Represents

The Community Table Blog by Brite Productions

The Community Table Blog by Heather Elder Represents

Brite Productions

Questions can be submitted to QUESTIONS@COMMUNITYTABLE.INFO

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