5 Hot Questions Photographers Are Asking

Photography advances at a rapid pace, and styles and approaches to the art change as quickly as photographic equipment. Digital photography is here to stay, but there are other developments in technology and equipment which are bringing further changes. The following are five of the hottest questions photographers are asking.

1)    Are mobile phone cameras killing photography?

A couple of years ago, cameras on mobile phones produced poor quality pictures and were only suitable for casual snaps. Advances in technology have changed that, and mobile phone cameras can now produce impressive images. Phones like Apple’s iPhone offer great flexibility for taking pictures, and are now rivalling cheaper digital cameras. The fact they are easy to use and light to carry means that mobile phones are inspiring more and more people to take up photography. Rather than killing the art, mobile phones are encouraging more people to become photographers.

2)    How many megapixels do you really need in a camera?

Even basic digital SLR cameras now have upwards of twenty megapixels, but the photographer needs to consider if he really needs this feature. Picture quality isn’t just about the number of megapixels. The size and quality of a camera’s sensor, and the quality of the lens are other factors which influence results. If you need to produce large prints, higher megapixel capacity may be required. Between seven and twelve megapixel cameras are perfect for general use, and results are generally impressive.

3)    What’s the next big development in camera technology?

Wireless technology is going to be the next big thing, and will open up new options for the creative photographer. Wireless memory cards are already available, and these allow you to transmit images to a remote laptop as they are taken. Very soon, you’ll be able to detach the viewfinder from the lens to take your pictures. The lens will take the picture and then transmit it to the main camera body. Framing and composing will be improved as the lens will wirelessly transmit what it sees in real time as you’re taking the picture.

4)    Will digital SLR cameras replace video cameras?

The latest digital SLR cameras are now capable of producing high-definition video. One of the main features lacking on digital cameras is the ability to use external microphones, but this is changing. Digital SLR cameras are smaller and lighter than traditional video cameras, and the lenses are generally cheaper. They are great for making movies, and it’s already possible to see how still and video camera technology is merging into single pieces of equipment.

5)    What subjects are going to be hot in photography next year?

Photography is constantly evolving as an art, and there are many different trends emerging. Mobile phones have made street photography and taking documentary pictures easier than ever before. At the same time, there is a return to studio portrait photographs in the form of boudoir photography. Mobile phone apps have made retro-style pictures easy to produce, and many serious photographers are now experimenting with this style. Photographers are increasingly getting themselves in the picture, and creative self-portraits are another trend. New technology is making creative photography easier than ever before, and new techniques and styles will continue to emerge.

By: Jillian Hayes (aka AtlCanonGirl)

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