Create a Photography Project- Inspiration needed? Read here…


Taking on a photography project is a great way to find new inspiration and develop your creativity. A photography project can be something which takes just a matter of hours, but the greatest rewards come from long-term projects. Capturing the changing seasons throughout a year is a fantastic photographic project, and one which will test your technical and creative abilities.


Photographing the four seasons is a project which can be interpreted in many ways. Nature and landscape photography are obvious subjects to illustrate the changing seasons, but you could also illustrate a year with a series of portraits. For example, photographing a child in different locations relevant to months of the year wearing seasonal clothing is a wonderful way to illustrate a year.


The impact of the changing seasons on the landscape can be photographed in many different ways. You could work at a variety of different locations, or choose one single location to highlight the changing weather and conditions. You can even illustrate a year by photographing a single tree though the changing seasons. Close-up pictures of leaves and plants work well in highlighting the changing colours of the seasons.

Each season has something different to offer, and presents the photographer with new and exciting picture opportunities. Spring is a time of abundant colour, with flowers in bloom and nature coming to life. Close-up shots of flowers are perfect to illustrate the spring, and wider shots can feature trees with their new leaves arriving. Summer is a great time for wildlife and nature photography, with birds and animals in abundance. You don’t have to travel far to capture summer wildlife in photographs, and your own yard or garden may have butterflies and birds to shoot.


photographer: Ron Drake

The fall is a favourite time for many photographers, and the rich colours can make stunning pictures. A walk in the country is perfect for shooting the reds, browns and golds of fall. Leaves and trees change quickly as temperatures drop in the fall, so be ready to get out and start shooting. Working at the beginning or end of the day is great for photography in the fall, and the light takes on a warm glow which compliments the rich colours at these times.

Winter brings dramatic changes to the landscape, with leafless trees and the potential for ice and snow. Shots of trees as the sun sets behind them look ominous, and there is a sense of awe about the landscape at this time of year. Capturing the magic of winter often requires getting out early in the morning when there is frost and ice. Light has a harsh quality in winter, and this highlights the stark landscape and sense of isolation.


photographer: Tony Scarpero

It’s important to be organised if you undertake a project to photograph the four seasons. Keep track of the shots you’ve taken, and have them stored in one place. Refer back to shots taken earlier in the year, and use them as a reference to shoot other shots which will contrast with them. The key is to illustrate the changes which take place through a single year.

By: Jillian Hayes (aka AtlCanonGirl)
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