Notes From A Rep's Journal


I don’t recall the first time I met Denise Knickerbocker, but I do remember what I said when we did meet.  “FINALLY!!!!”  For years, sometimes when I was out in SF, random people would come up to me, hug me, wave to me or just start talking to me like they knew me.  I was always confused and would listen carefully for any clues as to who they were.  Many times they would refer to a party I went to or a friend that I knew.  I was dumbfounded and felt like a bad friend because I had no clue who this person was.  Well, apparently, the same things was happening to Denise.  People were confusing us for each other.  What made it even crazier was that we both worked in the same industry, lived in the same city and had many of the same friends.  

Once we knew…

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