Facebook Marketing Tips for Managing Your Company’s Fanpage

In today’s marketplace, consumers expect to find a Facebook page for every business. It is essential for small business owners to incorporate Facebook into their marketing strategy. Simply having a page is not enough, however, to remain competitive within a given industry. There are several things to keep in mind when updating your Facebook page. Here are some helpful rules of thumb to follow to ensure that your page is a success.


Avoid Being Too Promotional 

Facebook updates can be very useful when you want to advertise an upcoming sale or promotion, but remember that less is more. Your updates will show up in the news feeds of your followers. They will notice if the only posts that come from your business are advertising sales. If you promote too much, your fans may flag your updates as spam. You may also lose some fans from your page, which can potentially lead to lost sales. Make sure that you post a variety of updates, and reserve promotional posts for when you have something really special to advertise.


Think Before Posting Pictures

Copyright laws still apply to pictures that are posted on Facebook. If you use a copyrighted image without permission, you can open your business up to the possibility of a lawsuit. Always check with the artist before using an image that you did not take yourself. Should you choose to use an image with a Creative Commons license, make sure that you attribute the work as the artist has specified.

Don’t Beg for Fans

It can be tempting to offer a prize once an image gets a certain number of “likes” or when your page gets a specific number of fans, but this is not a good way to attract a loyal following. This kind of contest is in direct violation of the Facebook terms of service. Your page could get deleted as a result of the contest, which could be potentially devastating to your business. You also won’t attract the type of consumer to your page that will likely use your business. The “likes” that you receive will probably only be due to the contest, and you may never be able to reach those people again. Attracting fans is a slow process sometimes, but quality is better than quantity in this scenario.


Get Creative

Your posts don’t have to be limited to text. Take pictures of your business behind-the-scenes, and give customers a glimpse into how your business operates. Post videos of you or your employees offering advice on how to solve a problem. If you run a restaurant, show people how to make a quick and easy appetizer similar to something that you serve. Invite fans to submit pictures of their pets, and feature a pooch or kitty of the week. These types of posts will drive engagement to your site, and will show that you care about your customers as much as your business.

Your Facebook page should be a reflection of your business and its culture, but it should also be fun and fresh. Remember to post often, and vary the types of messages that you send out so that potential customers always have something engaging and interesting to think about.

By: Jillian Hayes (aka AtlCanonGirl)

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