Photography Project – Capture the Magic of Spring

Spring is a great time for photographers, and the warmer weather brings opportunities for beautiful pictures. The climate change you experience in spring depends on where you live in the world, but most places see the arrival of spring flowers and wildlife. Spring is the perfect time to pack your cameras and venture outdoors, and the following tips will guide you to produce great pictures.

1)   Look of color.

The landscape is often dull and lifeless in winter, and spring brings bursts of color with flowers on the ground and new leaves on trees. Look for bright colors to create impact in your spring photographs. Blossoms, young leaves and spring flowers are powerful elements to illustrate the arrival of spring in pictures. Look for backlit flowers and leaves to get the full benefit of spring colors.


2)   Right time of day.

The time of day is a key element of photographing landscapes and flowers in the spring. Early morning and late afternoon are generally the best times to get out with your camera. The low sun adds contrast and texture to pictures, and is perfect for spring landscape photography.


3)   Frame for impact.

Look for elements of foreground interest when composing spring landscape shots. For example, get down low to include some spring flowers in the foreground of a picture. Fill the frame when shooting spring flowers and details such as buds and blossom. Bright spring flowers make great abstract shots, so don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual compositions.

Tony Scarpero

Photographer: Tony Scarpero

4)   Shoot for quality.

Select the highest image quality settings on your camera to get the most from your spring photographs. If you are shooting with a digital SLR camera, select the RAW format rather than the commonly used JPEG file format. Shooting at high quality settings means you will capture the full detail and color range in your spring photographs. Spring colors can be boosted using photo editing software, and larger files give you greater creative flexibility.

Editing Software

5)   Look for new life.

Spring is associated with the arrival of new life, so look for ways to illustrate this in your pictures. As well as changes to trees and plants, spring brings new birds and wildlife. Pack longer lenses for your spring photography shoots, and visit places where you are likely to see deer, chipmunks, foxes or other wildlife.


6)   Look for details.

Landscapes covered in spring flowers aren’t always easy to find, but the details of spring can be just as effective in photographs. Close up shots of spring flowers and butterflies can make beautiful pictures. Macro lenses allow you to fill the frame with petals and other details. Get down on the ground to see the world from a different perspective.


7)   Shoot spring portraits.

The warmer weather of spring is a great time to shoot some portrait pictures outdoors. Spring flowers make a great background for portraits, and subjects can wear bright spring colors for maximum impact. Children playing outdoors are a great subject for spring pictures.


By: Jillian Hayes (aka AtlCanonGirl)

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