Do I look worried…

The look of a radio host, photographer, artist, creative as my co-host Jillian Hayes snaps my picture after our One Hour Photo Show broadcast yesterday. We hung out at the studio after our weekly lunch at our favorite lunch spot in West Midtown, Oransby’s and after a nice NY Strip I can say I am feeling pretty good after starving during the show..LOL! Yeah I know the look does not show it but I am happy about great things coming for our show. We hung out and started setting up our mobile set up so we can start doing more remotes and as well be on site at the location of one of our newest sponsors The New Showcase Photo/Video in Atlanta. We are excited about the continued growth of the show and the direction we are taking it. So make sure you stay tuned to all we got going on and maybe the next time Jilly takes a picture of me I will give you my surprised happy face 🙂

My concerned look 316323_10151447346043727_409379220_n2

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