Will work for Gucci

Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Chanel. The things I shoot for a paycheck 🙂 For the last almost 3 years I have been shooting high end authentic designer handbags for one of the leading online retailers Bella Bag. I have learned so much since I have been shooting these bags and let me tell you I have a new affinity for fine women’s designer handbags. Most people don’t know I have been doing this because they are so use to seeing my fashion and commercial work, but over the last few years I have shot thousands of handbags for Bella as well as the other online retailers they sale their merchandise through such as Rue LaLa and Belle and Clive.

I use a very simple 3 light set up to get a nice even light and bring out the detail in each bag which is important for the customer as well as how they are seen on the websites to give the viewer a detailed look at what they are buying. My process is pretty straightforward as I shoot 8-9 different shots of each bag, upload and do any necessary corrections in post. I love seeing the finished product as I see them on the various sites they are sold on. So next time I look at a woman with a designer handbag and I have a certain look it’s not that I am trying to flirt, but saying to myself yeah I shot that bag 🙂

Gucci Purse Setup

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