Why blogging is so important for your professional business

You’re a business professional who has put in the time to build a legitimate, successful business.   You work hard, you care about customer satisfaction, and you hold yourself and your business to a high standard.   You’re doing everything possible to grow your business.   Or are you?   Many customers rely on the Internet when selecting which business professionals to utilize.   While listing your business in online directories suffices to get your name on a list, that’s all it does.   If you want to show that you’re more than just one business among many, blogging is an excellent option.  Here are 4 reasons why blogging is so important for professional services businesses:


  1. Demonstrates Experience

A professional blog provides the perfect forum for sharing your work history and relating anecdotes about your daily professional experiences.   Seeing actual accounts and even photos, if possible, of your work provides concrete evidence of your skill and experience in your field.   As customers view your success stories and view examples of your work, their confidence in you as a business professional greatly increases.


  1. Connects with Customers

Blogging also provides a unique opportunity for connecting directly with customers.   Most blogs allow the owner the option of allowing and moderating comments, which means you can decide exactly how much – and what type – of customer conversation you wish to allow on your site.  The ability to interact with you and provide feedback makes the customer feel valued and shows you care about their satisfaction.  For a potential customer, reading previous customers’ reviews of your services provides a powerful source of assurance.  Simply providing this feedback option to your customers shows them their opinions are valued and inspires trust.

My concerned look

  1. Shows You Care

In addition to showing that you value your customers, a blog also expresses that you place a value on your business and the quality of work you provide.   Rather than someone who clocks out at the end of the day and puts their work behind them, your customers will see someone who considers their business important enough to go beyond the actual provision of services.   Taking the time to blog about your business shows that you put pride in your work, and that you care about the reputation of your business.   This conveys both integrity and a strong work ethic, and can go a long way in inspiring trust in a potential customer.


  1. Makes You a Person, Not Just a Job Title

Maintaining a blog requires personal effort, and requires a person to write it.   This may seem a simple point, but in a world where automated messages are taking over simple human interaction, a clear vision of the person behind the business can have a powerful impact.   When a customer is uncertain about which professional to choose for a particular need, reassurance that you are, in fact, human – as obvious as that seems – makes you far more relatable to the customer.   A blog allows you to show your human side, to express yourself on both a personal and professional level, which makes you more relatable – and therefore more trustworthy – to the customer.


Whatever type of services you offer (photography, video, makeup, hair, etc,) both you and your business can benefit from maintaining a professional blog.


By: Jillian Hayes (aka AtlCanonGirl)

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