What happened to the creative.

So I must start out this blog post by saying the inspiration came from the worst movie I have just had the pleasure of watching, well almost because I could not stomach the train wreck that was taken place on my television. Movie 43 pretty much took away my faith and hope for what Hollywood and what has happened to creativity in the collective. I look at all things creative and though I have seen some really great and inspiring things lately this has not been the case. From T.v, to film, to music, to photography there has been a void in the true essence of what use to be entertaining. Now I do understand and I am not that naive to think that the entertainment industry isn’t a money machine, that is their number one priority, however I feel that it has lost its soul in a way. Lets look at music. Music and it’s true expression to tell stories and put us in that space for that moment. One type of music that I elude to is Hip Hop or shall I say lack there of. The reason I say this is because one I can no longer listen to the watered down, commercial, bubble gum, garbage that they play on the radio. I mean really how many times can these guys talk about women, cars, bling, money, poppin bottles and all the material nonsense they display in their songs. I miss the creativity and essence of true Hip Hop and when I mean true I am talking about those like KRS-1, Public Enemy, Rakim, Tu-Pac, Biggie, Tribe, Moe D just to name a few. I cannot force myself to listen to the same old self loathing, over barring, flash and cash music. Where is the creativity or is it all about making that $$$$ which I am sure that is the case. Most of these groups and artist today wont be around in 10 years and neither will there music.

When I see and hear things like this as I troll the internet or movie or a gallery showing, I look at the ones that don’t get the recognition because they may not be commercial enough, or they may not have the money to back them. I find this a bit discouraging in a sense because I thought it was all about the art form. When you take that away and try to replace it with ego and no substance, you kill the very thing that makes the true artist what him or her is…being inspired. Yes we are inspired by all types of things however when all you start to see and hear is the nonsense of what has been shoved down Americas throat then what else do we have as creatives. I have always been a believer that true talent will always shine, but sometime it’s hard getting your voice heard when there is so much loud noise that you cannot get through because of the junk that is being spewed all over drowning out the true voices of the creative spirit. I sometime sit and shake my head of what I see and hear but I know the artist that I am and the hard work that continues and the vision, talent and drive I and we will break through that noise and once again become the true voice, the beacon of hope for those who follow that path to true and original expression of what is meant to be from those who carry that creative spirit and soul to give back in a way that the attention cannot be denied. We need those voices, we love and cherish that creative spirit and we will prevail to make what we seek and share that with the world.

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