Do You Ever Wonder What a Photography Agent Actually Does All Day?

Notes From A Rep's Journal

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When Agency Access’The Lab  first approached me to write a blog post titled “A Day in the Life of a Photography Agent” I thought it was a great idea.  Well, it was great…until I actually sat down and chronicled my daily routine. My day to day is boring; it’s mostly filled with emails, estimates and therapy sessions with my photographers.

Then I realized that what The Lab was really hoping to glean from me was some insight into the big picture of what an agent actually does. Instead of a diary, I suggested writing a post sharing the Top Ten Most Important Roles of a Photography Agent.  With that in mind, here they are:

1)   Photo agents are Sales Managers

First and foremost, we sell photography.  We want to connect photographers with creatives, share incredible photographs, find creative opportunities to pursue and plant the seeds for our talent…

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