Art Producer Emily Hoskins Sheds Light on the Bid Process.

Notes From A Rep's Journal


Even though I met Emily Hoskins, an art buyer at Upshot in Chicago,  for the first time at Le Book NYC this June, it feels like I have known her forever.  She and I have emailed and talked on the phone lots about photography and our blog.  She has great ideas for the creative industry and has started  a blog of her own to share those ideas.  I loved meeting her and hope that someday our paths will cross again soon.

Since she is so interested in the creative process, I wondered if she would be open to answering questions about the bid process.  Knowing that the topic is always on the minds of photographers, reps and art buyers,  she didn’t hesitate.   Thank you Emily and good luck with your blog!

1) How often are you asked to triple bid a project?  And, is there ever is a clear first…

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