Krissy Hicks Shares Her Views on Mailers, Events and What Tips the Scales When Choosing a Photographer for a Project.

How can you tip the scale to get chosen for a project. Check out new Blog Post by Heather Elder.

Notes From A Rep's Journal


Krissy Hicks is our latest art buyer to contribute to our Solving Mysteries series.  I have known Krissy for many years and she is always so genuinely happy to say hello, catch up and of course look at  photography.  We met while she was at Saatchi in LA when she was part of an incredible group of art buyers (you know who you are!) and then moved on to freelance where the rest of the art buying community can get to know how great she is!   If you don’t already know Krissy, be sure to reach out and introduce yourself.

How do you search for photography?
When searching for photographers, I always start with my bookmarks. If I have specific photographers/illustrator in mind, I will go straight to their site. If not, I go to different rep sites to review their rosters. Once I’ve exhausted those places, I…

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