Fresh Off The Plane From Park City (And Now My Review Of The Tamron 70-200mm 2.8)

So after a great time in Park City and a hard wipe out on the slopes, which I am dearly feeling at the moment. I had a chance to put the Tamron 70-200mm 2.8 that I got to use thanks to Showcase Photo/Video in Atlanta a test drive. I was there to shoot a wedding for one of my clients and even though I brought along a few of my Canon lenses the Tamron hardly ever left the body of my 6D. I started out shooting the beginning of the ceremony with the flash on and after I got an evil eye from the pastor I shut it off. I almost reached down to grab my other body with my nifty fifty attached but I decided to see what this lens can do in lower light at a lower shutter speed. I set my camera to 1/60th at F 2.8 with an ISO of 1000 and let me tell you I was blown away with what I was seeing on the screen. Every image I took was tack sharp and had no issues with focusing at all. I was leery of this at first because some of the reviews I have read, but when I put it to test those reviews were thrown right out of the window. Once I hit my subject I was locked in and fired away. The other great thing I found with this lens was the build quality. Compared to the Canon equivalent this lens held up great if not better in my opinion. The focus and zoom rings were a little getting use to but once I got the hang I was good to go.

I loved being able to sit back from across the room and see something take place zoom in and lock focus to get the shot. I took over 3,000 images and more than half was with this lens on my second body and soon was my main body. The next challenge was going out into the dry frigid cold and high altitude of Park City. I went to the slopes and watched skiers come down the mountain and still was getting great response with this lens. I shot everything from people to snow caps on the mountains and very surprised with the results.

The AUTO-FOCUS is of the latest hyper-sonic motor variety, something new to Tamron and long overdue. It seems to work quite well in fact. It is very QUIET with smooth liquid turning that locks onto target most of the time with accuracy.

The VIBRATION-compensation (Tamron calls theirs VC rather than VR) is I believe the best I have used in any lens ever. That’s a strong statement, but I believe it works as stated. And it is the most unobtrusive system I have used by far. Almost inaudible in use (does not click, buzz or make loud noises while it is working). Also, the image does not move around in the viewfinder as other VR systems

If you are in the market for a 70-200 with image stabilization and 2.8 max aperture, I highly recommend you stop here first. Rent from Showcase rental department or come in to their store if local to Atlanta and talk to their knowledgeable staff and for the price compared to Canon or Nikon you will save upwards to $1,000 and be pleased with the shots you get.

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