Just Say No…Sometime.

Aw Hell No

Every now and again when it comes to dealing with certain clients, no matter how good the money may be you just have to say no. We in the creative industry go though this all the time when we come in contact with a very difficult client. It could be the insane demands like (I need you to license images to me for free) or some other ridiculous demand. There come a time in every photographers life when we have to just put our foot down and say…NO!

Never let a client run all over you, put you down or tell you how to do your job the way you know how. There are certain ways we all work and some clients are very nice and easy to work with, but then there are those that you just want to dangle out of a window and let go. No I am not suggesting you do this, however the thought of it sometime…well you know what I mean. It all starts from the initial call or email you get from a potential client letting you know what they are looking for and are you as a creative able to deliver their vision. This early part of the process is usually pretty calm and gives us the chance to express our creative ideas and see if we can come up with something that the client is happy with. Now as the prep goes on and the more and more the layer of the onion is being peeled back, new things arise from the client, like hey we need this or that, or what about you do this and we demand this and etc..etc. We try and appease our clients and try and see eye to eye but the task at hand continues to get more difficult and the demands grow and grow. You keep asking yourself is this worth it. Well let me tell you from experience it’s probably not and at this time may be a good time to cut ties walk away and feel good about your decision. Yeah you may have walked away from a nice paycheck, but I can tell you in the long run if you would have decided to finish there would have been more and more and the client would have never been satisfied. So I say to you that it is O.K to say no because at the end of the day you have to be comfortable with the people you work with.

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