So I decide to start this personal project where every female model I shoot has to make an ugly face as well as a beauty look as I photograph them. I wanted to see how the girls reacted and how ugly of a face they could make. Being that all the models I have shot are quite beautiful, for some the ugly face was a little difficult to make and for others came quite natural, maybe those are the ones who make faces in the mirror all the time…LOL! I can say one thin about this project especially before a photo shoot it seems to loosen the models up a bit and not make them so nervous, especially if you have never worked with them before and it may be that they are fairly new to modeling. I look at it as an ice breaker and they all seem to be willing to be  apart of it. Not sure where this project will go, maybe a gallery of some sort or it takes off and goes viral. Whatever happens all I know is that I have fun with every model I shoot for this and love to see what Pretty Ugly faces they come up with. You can check out the complete gallery on my site in the Pretty Ugly gallery at


Audrey Emily IMG_0109 Sophia Taylor

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