An Art Producer Shares Her Approach to Estimating. Thank you Kim Roemer.

Great read.

Notes From A Rep's Journal

More and more both art producers and photographers a like ask the same questions when it comes to estimating.  Art Producers are interested in how other art producers are handling the process, what challenges they are facing and how they are handling them.   Photographers are feeling more and more in a vacuum and alone when it comes to the process and often do not have resources they can ask the questions they have.  I have posted these questions before but still think they are relevant.  Thank you Kim Roemer, Senior Art Producer at Inventiv Health for your insights.

1) How often are you asked to triple bid a project?  And, is there ever is a clear first choice, do you let that person know they are the recommend?
Unless we are doing a second part to a prior shoot, we always triple bid jobs.  Overall I feel like it’s…

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