The Day Fstoppers Blocked Me From The Facebook Group.

Fstoppers I find it crass and very wrong for you to boot me from your group when I did nothing to deserve such. If you find someone voicing an opinion in your elite group and having a respectable conversation amongst creatives wrong then you all need a reality check. I have been nothing but supportive of your group since I joined years ago and have always expressed decorum and respect. Just because I didn’t agree with something that one of the members posted about CC shows me that you have no respect for the opinions of others. It is a shame that you all have turned into this elitist group who look down on others because they do not conform to your way of thinking. If you actually read my comments especially toward the end you would see I was having a constructive conversation with others in the group. I came to your group to share and appreciate others work. Never have I uttered any profanities or disrespected anyone but yet you find it that it was necessary to boot me from the group because I decided to chime in on something I found no agreement with. Well it is sad and a shame that you would take this kind of action to someone who supported you since the beginning by giving you a platform on my radio show well into your infancy when you guys first started. Luckily you are not the only group out there where I can share, converse and appreciate photography.

5 thoughts on “The Day Fstoppers Blocked Me From The Facebook Group.

  1. Hey Anderson,

    Editor from Fstoppers here. We have 2 or 3 people who largely manage the Fstoppers Facebook group, and with over 14K members in the group, you can imagine that it gets pretty hectic at times. I mentioned it to another one of the admins of the group, and she also said she didn’t remove you to her knowledge. If you were removed by mistake (which sometimes happens), feel free to find me on Facebook and I’ll get you back into the group.

    Zach Sutton

    1. Yea I got to agree… This is NOTHING new, long ago some little girl named Rebecca was one of those doing “negative” CC to posters work and she is an admin. I really don’t bother there any longer, I just look.

  2. I am new to F-Stopper, they are having a good community of photographic enthusiasts but I don’t think they are maintaining the same and I don’t like this kind of actions on any supporters(if all that you mentioned are true). There are many still in the group I faced those who have nothing to show as their big work but still pretend to be professional and do funny comments on others work.

    And when asked of their work, they disappear. They are still alive on net from some hidden corner. I don’t think this is the right way to do to them.

    If they think, saying our opinion and what we believe to be true, without hurting others is not entertained anymore, then this is not at all called as community. They might remove me for sharing this thought too if not immediately, may be in some period of time.

    Nothing changes… Happy New Year 2015! to you! Keep Going….

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