One Hour Photo welcomed Ilise Benun, Marketing Mentor & Dee Flores w/ Deelite Photography

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Marketing Mentor, Ilise Benun ( ), was a wonderful and informative guest on One Hour Photo on our Wednesday show on October 20, 2011. We were also joined by our awesome guest host, Dee Flores with Deelite Photography ( Ilise Benun and Dee Flores engaged us in a great conversations of the best way to approach marketing within your own creative photo and/or video business. As an artist and business owner, often times it can be overwhelming when looking at all the aspects of the successful steps to take to when approaching your own marketing and also closing your client (including niche advertising, streamlining your approach, best way to approach budget negotiations with current or potential clients, and much more). Dee was a wonderful help with his advice on real life experiences, and was a great complement to Ilise Benun’s advice. She showed first hand how she can help by her knowledge, experienced yet non-abrasive approach that gradually guides the creative professional to help them find their own answers. All her guidance is geared to keep you focused on your goals while staying authentic to what you show to be your passion within your creative expression that shows in your work.  She also showed us that she is a great resource to help organize your business, define your goals and discover the best way to focus yourself and efforts. This will help to streamline your business and also develop the best approach to become as successful as you want to be. Listen to the show and please tell us what you think on our Facebook fan page by clicking here ONE HOUR PHOTO!

Thank you to Ilise Benun and Dee Flores!

***Also we did extend our show to talk about D-Fashion mixer #11 with Deelite Photography (D-Fashion Mixer fanpage ) and Jessica Onorato with Impresa ( Impresa FB Fanpage ). It was a wonderful successful event! Take a look at both fanpages to view the photos from this event and all the great sponsors and featured photographers!***

Thank you Jessica Onorato & Impresa!

Click the links above and also check out their Twitter pages, Facebook pages and blogs!

You can reach

Ilise Benun also at , Phone: (201) 653-0783 Email:

Dee Flores at

Jessica Onorato at

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